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    Hello from Admin George


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    Hello from Admin George

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    Very Happy Hello, my name is George. My interest in HPV's dates back to the mid 80's when I bought my first Schwinn 564 aluminum racing/road bike. In more recent years, with the help of my son, we've built several bikes and trikes for him, myself and my grandson. I'm a frequent poster on Atomic Zombie (TexasTuff), and occasional poster on BROL (georgemore) and infrequent poster on (TexasTuff). All of these forums are a great source of information and support. I also monitor many other support groups around the world.
    One of my goals is to have an electric powered HPV capable of and assisted 50 miles per day. The other goal is an extended tour of the US in this vehicle.
    I'm making this forum available to those interested in the concept of a no-weld HPV. Could be of aluminum, steel carbon fiber or other.
    N55 in collaboration with Till Wolfer have made available open source plans for a recumbent trike that requires no welding and is made of standard aluminum. This has sparked my interest in and explore the possibilities of building one of the cargo trikes.

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